Bert Coules

writer director speaker


A pilot film and 60 minute TV series

Doyle's creations are at their very best where and when he conceived them: Victorian London with its gaslight and fog, its science and superstition, its horrors and its hope. The setting has the endless fascination of a world teetering on the brink of modernity.

Sherlock Holmes is in his early twenties, just down from university and newly arrived in the big city. He's alone and uncertain for the first time in his life until he finds an unlikely mentor in the shape of an elderly eccentric librarian. John Watson, just a year or two older, is battle-weary, sick and aimless following his traumatic wartime experiences in Afghanistan. Also alone, also lost, what he needs is a goal, a purpose... a friend.

This is the story of how they meet, and how the world will never be the same again.

A two-hour pilot script Pioneer and thirteen original storylines for a complete series of one-hour episodes.